The International Traditional English Tuition organization came into being because the founders saw first hand in so-called English training centres what was happening was not preparing learners for practical use of English in the real world.  Qualified in other English language methods our founders realised the limitations and started to research why language was being taught so inefficiently. 

Years of dedicated research discovered that all other systems rely on outdated ideas of how learning happens and that theories of learning had been replaced by modern science that better aligns with the real experiences of teachers and students.

ITET is not new. It's traditional.  It is based on how English developed as a language (see our English history pages) and current academic thinking on how we learn second and additional languages. 

How ITET can help schools improve their English literacy through direct and explicit learning courses.

Many international schools using constructivist approaches to learning suffer from a poor record of English Literacy and Language (ELL).  ITET teachers can fill in the gaps and bring most school learners up with an intensive ITET introduction to English course.  This is a classroom-based version of our individual ITET English language course.

Joining ITET as a professional ITET qualified teacher opens up many career opportunities.  ITET QT's enjoy a wide range of benefits from in-depth training and resources. In addition, our centralising marketing and booking system means that we find your clients for you in your local area.  Our pay levels are high compared to other English programs because we expect a superior level of service and outcomes from our teachers and in return Teachers can expect an excellent level of support from us.

After qualification and a number of service hours, our teachers may move into teaching for schools and Teach the teacher career paths.  See the articles below for more details.

Whether you're beginning your English language journey or somewhat familiar with the ITET system will enable you to excel in English communications.  When all course objectives have been completed students will be well within IELTS 6 level required for college entry in most English speaking countries.

Give your child the best possible start in the English language with a qualified ITET teacher who will create a high achieving English reader and speaker.  The ITET course development started with Children aged 5-7 and became highly successful very quickly as a fully rounded structured and measurable system very popular with parents of children who completed the course.  

International business and communication requires a specific form of English and ensure misunderstandings are kept to a minimum and the ITET for business courses prepare professionals working in English speaking environments for those specific challenges.