ITET was founded because there is decades of bad teaching practice in English education that is not backed by cognitive science.  No other international English language tuition follows the science and the finds of the governments of the UK, Australia, Canada and the US as closely and our results are amazing. 

The key is an understanding of orthographic mapping which is how the brain links symbols to sounds.  Many foreign language schools still cling to the discredited constructivist approach to learning English which can be somewhat summed up as "Give a child a book that has pictures they like and they will learn to read".  This is clearly nonsense but many schools still cling to this approach.  The other approach is the listen and repeat sentences that prepare the student only for those sentences if used in the real world. 

Children learning English with no prior knowledge make rapid progress in reading, speaking, listening and comprehending English 

Adults with some or even considerable English ability can learn to make themselves understood clearly and for foreign actors to learn to speak very close to a native speaker. 

ITET provides the very best, fully rounded English graduate program that helps the graduate learner not only speak, read, listen and write excellent English but also gives them a deep understanding of the language itself.

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